New Bilt Hamber Products – Touch-less & Touch-On

New Bilt Hamber Products – Touch-less & Touch-On

I was surprised to hear that one of my favourite car detailing brands Bilt Hamber were releasing some new products. I have always admired the Bilt Hamber brand as I feel that they perform a lot better than some of the competition with less marketing hype and are always price their products reasonably.

They don’t release new products very often but their new offering is something they call their “Touch System“.

This new system comprises of two separate products called “Touch On” and “Touch Less”. It is a two-part system and these products are designed to be used together

The below is all the info i could find on this product until i am able to get my hands on it to try it for myself

What is Bilt Hamber Touch Less?

Bilt Hamber is a sugar-based snow-foam pre-wash.

“TOUCH-LESS is our new eco-friendly pressure-washer, pre-clean, snow foam which can be applied by pump spray or trigger too. Applied at typically a 4% PIR this bio-degradable sugar-based product provides truly exceptional levels of cleaning of automotive paintwork. Unlike other petrochemical-based cleaners TOUCH-LESS is free-and-easy rinsing, easing the effort of subsequent bucket washes and massively helping post-treatments bond too. TOUCH-LESS also contains corrosion inhibitors. Packed in 5 litre pH ~12, contains no phosphates, solvents, NTA, or caustic soda.

TOUCH-LESS is designed to allow for superior and simple application of our new paint protection product TOUCH-ON.”

Bilt Hamber Touch Less

Really interested in this product as I am a huge fan of their original foam “Auto-Foam“, and have always been impressed with its cleaning abilities. If this is better than that then I am sure this will be an amazing product.

How to Use Bilt Hamber Touch Less

TOUCH-LESS may be applied with trigger spray, pump spray, pressure washer, or snow foam lance. The minimum recommended dilution rate should be 2% PIR (Panel Impact Ratio) and up to 5% for very dirty vehicles. Where the application is through trigger spray or pump spray, the dilution calculation is easy to achieve, however, for application with pressure equipment it is essential to determine the amount of water being delivered to the equipment reservoir.

Step 1

Fill the detergent bottle or reservoir (on machine or lance) up to capacity with plain water. Turn detergent feed to full. Take a large bucket or container and discharge the lance into this, watching the detergent bottle until empty. Once empty, stop.

Step 2

The following calculations will achieve 4% dilution; Measure the total amount collected and multiply this number by 0.04 (Total can be measured in either volume with a measuring jug or by weight) this is the amount of TOUCH-LESS to use.

Step 3

Add the calculated amount from STEP TWO to the pressure-washer reservoir and top up to full with cold water and shake in for a few moments.

Step 4

Apply touchless to entire vehicle or panel by panel. Allow to soak for 1-5 minutes (but never allow to dry). Power-wash off.

What is Bilt Hamber Touch On?

Touch On is something Bilt Hamber refer to as a “Crystalline hydrophobic treatment”.

“Touch on is a pressure washer, pump-spray, trigger, or bucket applied durable hydrophobic ceramic paint protection treatment that additionally has low-foaming, powerful detergency for most second stage bucket washes so that you can further clean the paint while simultaneously applying protection following TOUCH-LESS cleaning. Once applied TOUCH-ON has dirt releasing properties too that works in conjunction with TOUCH-LESS in subsequent wash routines to product superior contactless results. Packed in one dose sized 30ml sachets TOUCH-ON is water-based, non-flammable nor contains alcohol or petrochemical solvents.”

bilt hamber touch


How to Use Bilt Hamber Touch On?

Empty 30ml sachet into empty power washer or lance reservoir, top up with clean water and apply at low pressure, then pressure rinse away and dry vehicle with a microfibre cloth.


Empty 30ml sachet into a 15-litre bucket of warm water and apply using noodle wash mitt. Rinse and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Can also be applied by trigger spray.

Bilt Hamber Touch System

I’m really looking forward to trying these new products from Bilt Hamber, unfortunately, they almost immediately sold out on the Bilt Hamber website. Once i am able to get my hands on them I will make sure to put them to the test and update on here.

In the meantime, one of my favourite detailers on youtube – Forensic detailing was able to get some samples, you can hear his thoughts in the video below.




Until next time,

Happy Detailing!

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4 thoughts on “New Bilt Hamber Products – Touch-less & Touch-On

  1. Good products as ever from BH but….. Touch On is a crystalline based treatment, make sure you dry afterwards with a microfibre towel, if you do as I did last week and rinse with DI water then drip dry the next time it rains your car will be covered in micro crystals like little spots of melted glass/sugar! They do dissolve with water but are a real pain. Basically BH Touch System is in my opinion not compatible with drip dry cleaning

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