New BMW customization capabilities unlocked with the OBDeleven application

New BMW customization capabilities unlocked with the OBDeleven application

With a new solution on the market, BMW drivers will now be able to customize and refine their driving experience with a few clicks on their smartphone even without any programming knowledge. The application, together with OBDeleven, a small Bluetooth device has customization and diagnostic features that are easy to use and intuitive, allowing every driver to make changes to their vehicles. 

Officially licensed by the BMW Group, the application will work with: 

  • BMW (F, G, and I-series) 
  • MINI (F-series) 
  • select Rolls-Royce models 

These three brands join the roster of VAG-made vehicles, namely Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Cupra, Škoda, Bentley, and Lamborghini that are customizable with OBDeleven. Now, the BMW-focused intelligent automotive solution will provide diagnostic and customization features for automotive enthusiasts and drivers of BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce that were in high demand.

Unlocking hidden features and scanning for faults

As automakers have attempted for years to simplify their manufacturing process, it has resulted in some cars having their features disabled via software if customers did not option for certain car functions to be enabled.

OBDeleven’s offering for BMW drivers will include diagnostic procedures and One-Click Apps, which are pre-made programming functions, designated to unlock hidden features or enable/disable various comfort functions. As a result, users of the pocket-sized device will be able to customize their driving experience like never before following the latest iteration of the application. For example, drivers will be able to turn on Bluetooth music streaming or change the way their lights behave when they put the car into reverse or lock it after exiting the vehicle.

The newest application comes with the most commonly-requested One-Click Apps by users globally, as some features have become a must for BMW, MINI, or Rolls-Royce drivers to have the best driving experience possible. The list of these pre-made coding functions also boasts the fact that some of them are not available anywhere else and are exclusively offered by OBDeleven. 

In addition, drivers can scan, clear, and read fault codes and save money, as they do not have to go to the dealership to find out what is exactly wrong with their vehicles. Whether it would be the engine, transmission, or control unit of the Anti-lock braking system (ABS), OBDeleven helps you in finding the exact cause of the warning light on the dashboard.

For those who currently own a Volkswagen Group (VAG) vehicle, customization and diagnostics are also available, as the OBDeleven NextGen device can be used interchangeably on any cars manufactured by either group, allowing drivers that have several vehicles to save money and unlock hidden features.

Future plans to provide solutions for even more car brands 

With the release of the OBDeleven BMW application, the work does not stop there. The company behind the intelligent automotive device will continue looking for gaps between the demand and supply in the intelligent automotive solution market to provide a quality solution for drivers of other car brands.

Nevertheless, the progress and the achievement of releasing the newest solution for BMW drivers is a monumental moment in the history of OBDeleven, marking another step towards the company’s goal of becoming the number one intelligent automotive solution provider.

The OBDeleven BMW application will be available in the European Union (EU), Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US) and its territories. 

OBDeleven is an intelligent automotive software and hardware solution that has been in development since 2014. With official licenses from the Volkswagen Group and BMW Group, the device and application provide users with full functionality to diagnose and customize their vehicles and have connected over 2 million vehicles since the device has been available to the public in 2015. 

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